Cooling off in your private pool after a perfect meal with your family and beloved ones while enjoying the perfect view… This experience will be irreplaceable for you.

Mila’s Daphne Residence realizes your dreams of living in Bodrum come true in a perfect location with an amazingly natural atmosphere. Located at a distance of 14 km from Bodrum Airport, the project has already a privileged location, its construction started around the Lake Tuzla, which is the meeting point of thousands of migratory birds and over which the flamingoes fly; and it is just 2 km away from Golf Hotel facilities to be run by Doğuş Group. Mila’s Daphne Residence is just 2 km away from Maya Holiday Village, 3 km away from Ağaoğlu Tourism Region, 5 km away from Güvercinlik, 12 sea miles away from Yalıkavak, 8 sea miles away from Türkbükü; this residence will start welcoming you in 2017 on this heavenly peninsula surrounded by the wild olive and bay trees.