Mila's Daphne Residences, winner of the Silver Award in Architecture, building and structure category, in one of the most prestigious global design competitions , A'DESIGN AWARD combines the magical atmosphere of Bodrum with a stylish and unique design to make each moment unforgettable.

Mila’s Daphne Residences Project containing the entire peninsula residence with its authentic architecture, which is completely different from Bodrum’s conventional architectural structure, has a sea view from each corner of each house, golf course and social facilities with a sea view, and Luxury hotel with a sea view from each room, won the silver award among 6007 projects in total. Being the world-famous American architecture firm of Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s highest building in Dubai, Som was also a candidate in the competition this year, and awarded the grand prize with the India Mumbai Airport Project in the same category.

The Project was planned on a green peninsula covered by olive and bay trees right by the Aegean Sea based on the principle ‘respect for nature’ and without interrupting the nature itself. The project was inspired by the relationship to be established between the peninsula and buildings. The intention at this point was to have the buildings located and formed according to the topography, i.e. tangent to the ground, while creating the feeling of lightness in an attempt to obscure their own structural weights, as if they could just take off and disappear. Just like the thousands of migratory birds hosted by the peninsula each year… Pırıl Kuğu İşcan - Project Architect